Bob Olson on Mt. Dutton, Utah

Mt. Dutton, Utah. Bob took his son Robert and a nephew on a four-day hunting expedition for elk sheds, and had some success. Monroe and Boulder mountain ranges run along the top of the picture.

Bob Olson

This picture was taken on Mt. Dutton in central Utah (March 31, 2018). It overlooks Deep Creek on the south end of the mountain.

Bob is involved in everything outdoors, and everything hunting (trophy elk and deer). His many talents include horse training, breeding, and shoeing.

Bob has been breeding and training Plott hounds for 20 years. He is an avid bear, lion, and bobcat hunter, mostly for sport, but he also helps family and friends look for trophy animals.

Bob has trained champion reining horses, competing several times himself in the IRHA Futurity. Here he is in his own arena working with a horse named Julio.

Bob is also an avid hunter, especially when it means spending time with his son.

Training hounds or horses, or shoeing his own horses, everthing with Bob is exact.

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Bob Olson on Mt. Dutton, Utah